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Let Them Ride And Enjoy Their Time

We as humans are bound to go through a life cycle where we born, live and die. Nobody can change this cycle no matter what? There are so many things which one can do in the life span of his/her life but still  no one can change this process of life. Moreover there is a question which has been asked by so many people for example: people ask each other what part (age) of life they enjoyed the most 80% of them have answered childhood. This is something very common because childhood has always been the best part of the life in everyone’s life, there are some unfortunate ones who have not enjoyed their childhood properly because of so many reasons but there are some people who have enjoyed almost every bit of it. 

When we hear the word childhood the first things comes in our mind is rides, delicious food, activities, wounds, naughtiness and everything funny and fun. Childhood has been never so good without rides and fun time at all. So let’s discuss few things which we all miss even Today: 

Merry go round: although they are not restricted to young age’s even elders enjoy this ride really well. But certainly each and every one of us has ride merry go round. For those who has the idea of merry go round must have understood things pretty well and those who are still unable to identify merry go round. Merry go round is the same ride which we all have enjoyed i.e. horses are attached to a wheel which revolves around a fulcrum. Merry go round is the most basic hint for childhood memories. 

Ferris wheel: London that is the only thing which people think when they see a giant Ferris wheel. Ferris wheel is the ride amazing for kids and toddlers (to a certain age group). To visualize this one can understand a giant wheel with numerous locked seats attached at the corner. It revolves around a pulley with a slow pace and that’s how it works to provide childhood memories. 

Log slide: log slide is something not very common and is quite famous among kids rides in Melbourne because it’s an electronic slide with an attached boat to the slide. This boat climbs up to the slide and slides down with a rush in the water totally smashes the water out and over the people sitting inside the boat this log slide is age restricted and people usually avoid to send their toddlers as it requires a lot of guts to ride on it.  

Things are so different now, mentioned above are most common slides which reminds everyone his/her childhood.